Case of the Monday's


Monday’s...just the word alone brings up feelings of dread and a huge sigh, amiright? Especially after a really rockin’ or just plain good weekend.

It’s almost two months since Joe & I said I do. Sometimes I look back and think to myself at how crazy life was at that moment. I mean, my whole life was the wedding. Now that it’s over, I’ve been trying to get back to being me. Everything beforehand was decorations, and centerpieces and all of these other things that went into to making our wedding day a dream come true. I mean, I loved our wedding and it was amazing. People had a fantastic time (so I’ve heard!) and the best part was I got to marry my best friend in front of our friends and family. I can’t wait to share about our special day later :)

But I digress. When you’re so consumed with something, and then it’s just...over, it’s hard getting back into the groove of being you in a normal life. Okay, not normal, but just learning to getting back to being Kait, not Kait that’s getting married in May.

This weekend was great. Joe and I got to hang out with his friends, we went to a lovely wedding, and then we binged-watched the sixth season of Game of Thrones before watching the newest episode from season 7. I need more weekends like this where Joe and I just get to enjoy being married and being us together.  

Today has been as Monday as Monday’s come. And Monday’s will always roll around. And that’s okay. We get through them and keep our eye on the next weekend.

So tonight I’m meditating on working through the week, working through getting back to being full on Kait, and working on to the next step in life.